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5 Reasons Why Online Therapy is Awesome!

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Online therapy or virtual counselling is therapy /counselling offered online through a virtual system such as a telehealth system like Jane or via Zoom.

In recent studies, they have found that working with a Registered Counsellor online is just as effective as in person. Since COVID-19, many therapists have switched to working in a flexible way by offering both online and in-person sessions. This creates flexibility for many people. Weather is bad and you aren’t able to transit or drive? Broke your foot and can’t walk to your appointment? Perhaps your anxiety has hit a point where it is unmanageable and you are unable to leave your home. Or you may be a person with a disability or who experiences chronic pain and cannot leave your home for various reasons. online therapy remains accessible for you.

Many people are tired from their week, may not have childcare, or just don’t want to commute to an office. If you get sick and would still like to have a session then this makes it accessible for you. You may also be working to save money on gas as the economy gets more expensive or reducing your carbon footprint.

I find that working online allows a work/ life balance, it may also allow counsellors who themselves have health concerns or other flexibility needs to continue to offer their services and support to clients.

It can be helpful to have options, maybe you take a lot of trips and would still like to be able to keep up your therapy schedule or you live in a small town and prefer to see a therapist that you won’t run into at the grocery store.

What matters is that your needs around therapy are met, whether that means coming in person, seeing someone online only, or going with a mixture. Some therapists have a mix of options – in person or online for those days when the weather is very extreme (yes, we are in Canada) and it can be helpful to be able to meet with your therapist online in a pinch!

Having a connection with a Counsellor where you feel heard, respected and seen is what is most important.

Reminders Before Online Sessions

Some things I like to remind my clients of before an online counselling session:

Make sure you are in a quiet, safe space where your personal information cannot be overheard to protect your privacy.

Make sure you are comfortable and have what you might need such as a blanket, a drink of water and maybe even your pet!

Check your sound and internet connection from time to time before a session to make sure things run smoothly.

What are some signs that you may need in-person rather than online counselling?

You may not feel safe talking about things you want to talk about in therapy in your home. Or you may not have the privacy that you need. This is a good sign that therapy in person may be a better fit for you.

Maybe talking to someone through a screen or over the phone isn’t for you and that’s totally okay! Perhaps you just enjoy the whole in-person experience and it’s important to honour that.

About Me

I personally see my own therapist online (yes, I go to therapy too!). I find seeing a therapist online makes it easy for me to schedule and also do my self-care before and after if needed. I personally don’t enjoy searching for parking and online can cut down on the stress for me so I can just focus on my session. I like to journal afterwards and do some stretching.

As a Registered Counsellor, working online has allowed me to meet my client's pets which is really sweet and special as I love animals. (my cat makes appearances too) It’s lovely to see people who feel comfortable on their own couch at home and who are able to get to their other activities right after the session if needed. It also allows more of a work/ life balance for me so that I can take care of myself and my family.

Do you have a preference for online or in-person therapy? Do you prefer a mixture of options? Do you agree with my reasons why online therapy is awesome? Feel free to let me know.

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